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Blues Lotto results 20/04/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 21st April Alan Watson Thurstonfield 22811
Sunday 22nd April Mr I Miskelly Carlisle 23965
Monday 23rd April Mrs J Richardson Longtown 22045
Tuesday 24th April Mrs F Kydd Lockerbie 23602
Wednesday 25th April David Carswell Carlisle 3573
Thursday 26th April Mrs B Nightingale Whitehaven 2673
Friday 27th April Mr Allan Annan 1230

£10.00 Prizes

John Smith Cockermouth 3419
Mrs O Hunter Ecclefechan 442
John McDonald Carlisle 3897
Kelly Mennim Northampton 1040
Mr L Alexander Keswick 23373

£5.00 Prizes

Caroline Rogerson Penrith 22283
Mr S Armstrong Carlisle 22733
Mrs L Lucock Carlisle 23778
Mr C Campbell Kirkby Thore 22894
Kenneth Addison Carlisle 1380
J Lochrie Langholm 3185
Mr W Mellon Appleby 23738
Mrs E Bulman Carlisle 1935
Mr CA Raines Carlisle 22552
Mr R Bell Carlisle 22392


G6430 Not won. next weeks prize £900