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Blues Lotto results 30/03/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 31st March Miss Y Harvey Carlisle 4959
Sunday 1st April P Orr Carlisle 5721
Monday 2nd April Chris Winspear 3354
Tuesday 3rd April Mrs J Batey Brampton 5753
Wednesday 4th April June Moore Cumwhinton 1510
Thursday 5th April Martin Roberts Barrow 22614
Friday 6th April Janice McKendrick Ecclefechan 1724

£10.00 Prizes

AT Harper Carlisle 4079
Mrs Lowry Carlisle 4293
Alan Borradaile Penrith 3834
Mr P Martindale Carlisle 5761
Marjorie Roe Carlisle 107

£5.00 Prizes

Mr J Marshall Wigton 503
Jennifer Graves High Hesket 1984
Mr D Threlkeld Low Hesket 302
Mr Kirkbride Carlisle 5663
Mr K Sessford Carlisle 22105
Sarah Horseman Carlisle 1406
K Blair Carlisle 22246
Stephen Currie Carlisle 3071
Mrs A Bowman Cumwhinton 23500
B Chalmers Carlisle 23059


N4434 not won. Next weeks prize £825