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Blues Lotto results 02/03/2018

£1000 Bonus Winner

Mrs A Townsend Keswick 23442

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 3rd March Cameron S Mungall Carlisle 22308
Sunday 4th March Mrs S Ferguson Carlisle 1945
Monday 5th March Mrs M Robinson Carlisle 4239
Tuesday 6th March Angela Nicholson Carlisle 830
Wednesday 7th March W Fearon Silloth 1612
Thursday 8th March Mrs S Burns Whitehaven 1056
Friday 9th March Mrs R Rix Haydon Bridge 772

£10.00 Prizes

Colin Williams Carlisle 5130
Tim Graham Carlisle 827
Mrs D Ivison Carlisle 5392
Mr D Maddinson Aglionby 1591
M Quigley Cockermouth 3484

£5.00 Prizes

Chris Leathers Carlisle 4279
John Halewood-Dodd Lancaster 22070
Mrs J Buxon Carlisle 5770
Pauline Graham Carlisle 23526
Mr D Pearson Wigton 95
Mr N Jack Carlisle 5368
Les Pratt Brampton 5499
George Beck Carlisle 1026
Mrs J Todd Carlisle 23219
Mr S Pattinson Kirkby Thore 426


O4358 not won. Next weeks prize £725