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Blues Lotto results 16/02/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 17th February Barry McNeil Penrith 4722
Sunday 18th February Miss J Jackson Carlisle 22388
Monday 19th February Mrs S Mingins Carlisle 22847
Tuesday 20th February Mrs Myers Carlisle 4960
Wednesday 21st February Joan Carpenter 23205
Thursday 22nd February John McDonald Carlisle 3897
Friday 23rd February Mr J Smith Carlisle 23493

£10.00 Prizes

Raymond Tinnion Hayton 1251
Mrs Smith Carlisle 3078
Mrs P Cowen Wetheral 227
Rosemary Routeledge Carlisle 1549
Les Pratt Brampton 5499

£5.00 Prizes

Mr D Sowerby Appleby 22360
Margaret Todhunter Carlisle 4700
Mr E Pattinson Keswick 23322
Ian Holmes Carlisle 22030
James Brown Carlisle 2156
Doreen Bragg Wigton 165
Mrs Crozier Fletchertown 23391
Mr D Slack Penrith 1931
M Lord Carlisle 22843
Mr R Dryden Haydon 23382


I7473 Not won. Next weeks prize £675