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Blues Lotto results 26/01/2018

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 27th January Mrs E Pearson Longtown 425
Sunday 28th January B Hughes Appleby 23797
Monday 29th January RE Lambert Surrey 22786
Tuesday 30th January Barry McNeill Penrith 4721
Wednesday 31st January Susan Rheam Wigton 1585
Thursday 1st February Mr D Faron Arlecdon 23898
Friday 2nd February Mrs B French Wigton 5006

£10.00 Prizes

D Sim Silloth 1605
Mr DT Gibson Carlisle 44
Mr A Atkinson Burneside 239
David Bouch Carlisle 2448
Richard Hodgson Penrith 22763

£5.00 Prizes

Brenda Kemp Houghton 2842
Mrs B Critchlow Aspatria 1132
Mr J Lucock Carlisle 4124
Mr S Muldoon Brampton 23987
Sharon Stubbs Carlisle 22618
Mr G Bewsher Cockermouth 23711
Mrs I Withers Wigton 22816
Mr J Webber Hexham 1680
Mr M Oswald Keswick 1456
Mr D Graham Annan 23463


I6935 Not won. Next weeks prize £600