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Blues Lotto results 03/11/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 4th November Mrs A Lee Cockermouth 3446
Sunday 5th November Mrs S Brand Carlisle 23293
Monday 6th November Mr G Studholme Wigton 22391
Tuesday 7th November James Ross Carlisle 2740
Wednesday 8th November Ceighton McGinn Carlisle 23621
Thursday 9th November Mrs A Dent Carlisle 23198
Friday 10th November LM Coates Wigton 543

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs V Hurd Carlisle 16769
Ruth Roy Longtown 802
Mr G Graham Carlisle 23928
Mr M Harper Carlisle 23089
Mrs E Docker Carlisle 2950

£5.00 Prizes

Ian Bainbridge Brough 2791
Heather Glendinning Gretna 1290
Elizabeth J Park Gretna 2987
Mr H Hamilton Carlisle 404
Maureen Dawson Carlisle 622
S Brain Carlisle 2742
David Beattie Gretna 22510
Mr H Hamilton Carlisle 404
Mr K Hadley Keswick 23365
Mr P Davidson Carlisle 4454


U5954 Not won. Next weeks prize £300