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Blues Lotto results 19/05/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 20th May Julie Bailey Carlisle 2658
Sunday 21st May Paul Moffat Carlisle 22086
Monday 22nd May Ken Higgin Warwick on Eden 2817
Tuesday 23rd May Mr G Cruickshank Kirkby Thore 23468
Wednesday 24th May Antionios Margnas Carlisle 1871
Thursday 25th May Graham German Longtown 649
Friday 26th May Joyce Teasdale Scotby 4152

£10.00 Prizes

Paul Graham Wigton 4989
Maureen Sheals Carlisle 23924
Mr J Abbott Great Corby 205
Mrs L McKenzie Carlisle 3205
Mrs JE Ivison Carlisle 3750

£5.00 Prizes

Muriel Kemp Carlisle 2193
Ronald Crone Carlisle 1077
Kevin Aitkenhead Carlisle 3907
C&V Speakman North Lincolnshire 23843
Mrs I Dixon Whitehaven 2695
Mr D Pearson Wigton 95
Mr P Miatka Annan 22901
Miss Y Harvey Carlisle 4959
DL Paterson Northamptonshire 22624
Ms K Manton Brampton 5796


N1924 Not Won. Next weeks prize £1625