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Blues Lotto results 05/05/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 6th May Craig Hill Carlisle 2422
Sunday 7th May Alan Williams Carlisle 4757
Monday 8th May Mrs C Wyllie Eaglesfield 262
Tuesday 9th May Ms K Manton Brampton 5796
Wednesday 10th May J Nixon Carlisle 22001
Thursday 11th May V Jamieson Gretna 2118
Friday 12th May Mrs J Maxted Greenhead 22713

£10.00 Prizes

Mr B Alston Keswick 22494
Malcolm Clark Wigton 2369
Paul Graves Carlisle 22854
Mr B Lynas Carlisle 22209
Elsie Bowe Wigton 5007

£5.00 Prizes

Mr M Ridley Aspatria 23626
H Carter Cockermouth 3422
Mrs A Routledge Carlisle 4738
Rosemary Underwood Houghton 2044
Mrs P Eaton Armathwaite 23513
Bernard Hinsley Carlisle 5703
Mr A Brand Carlisle 23594
Cathy Tilbury Crofton 1906
Mrs D Park Wigton 23822
Miss P Hinds Carlisle 16590


O6216 not won. Next weeks prize £1575