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Blues Lotto results 21/04/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 22nd April Tom Benson Roweltown 2597
Sunday 23rd April June Gribbon Carlisle 22260
Monday 24th April John Williamson Carlisle 16766
Tuesday 25th April Martin Donald Aspatria 5078
Wednesday 26th April Craig Williamson Houghton 1382
Thursday 27th April Mrs Smith Carlisle 3078
Friday 28th April Mr R Rome Carlisle 23886

£10.00 Prizes

David Blaylock Carlisle 5436
Mr A Barlow Carlisle 5173
Raymond Tinnion Hayton 1251
Nigel Holmes Carlisle 75
Mrs H Arnold Carlisle 5242

£5.00 Prizes

Chris Hoban Carlisle 1169
John Welton Brampton 5516
Carol Phinn Carlisle 1942
Mrs L Lucock Carlisle 23778
Mrs B Critchlow Aspatria 1132
G Thompson Carlisle 22338
Robert Docherty Cummersdale 1353
Mrs B Pochec Penrith 23864
Mr A McKeen Brampton 5522
Mr J Harris Carlisle 23033


U9841 Not won. Next weeks prize £1525