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Blues Lotto results 24/02/2017

£1,000 Bonus draw

Mr DJ Newlands Kilmarnock 364

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 25th February Dave Hodgson Carlisle 2606
Sunday 26th February Mr A Kelly Penrith 22750
Monday 27th February Mr B Henderson Wigton 22014
Tuesday 28th February Sandra Armstrong Carlisle 5783
Wednesday 1st March BT Bell Carlisle 323
Thursday 2nd March Mr A Hall Carlisle 3381
Friday 3rd March Arthur Graham Carlisle 1199

£10.00 Prizes

Miss A Graham Brampton 22080
Ian Black Carlisle 1330
Mrs Harkness Carlisle 1360
Mrs N McDermott Gretna 22223
Steven Batey Essex 220298

£5.00 Prizes

Adrian Bell Carlisle 1119
Mr G McIntyre Carlisle 2303
Alan Stalker Carlisle 22290
Lee McGarvie Carlisle 2548
Mrs T Hyland Carlisle 2900
R Pilbeam Carlisle 2845
Debra Armstrong Stockport 23295
Michaelah Telfer Carlisle 2745
Garry Hutchinson Lincolnshire 22222
Mr Tiffen Carlisle 2801


R1160 Not won. Next weeks prize £1325