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Blues Lotto results 10/02/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 11th February Mr A Robinson Thursby 1583
Sunday 12th February Mr J Smith Carlisle 22202
Monday 13th February Mr L Alexander Keswick 23373
Tuesday 14th February Mr Sawyers Longtown 22198
Wednesday 15th February Elaine Kielty Carlisle 4106
Thursday 16th February Miss EM Coleman Carlisle 5406
Friday 17th February Alison Musgrave Carlisle 6443

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs J Jack Carlisle 22136
Mr L Swan Houghton 23508
Jan Dobson Wigton 849
Marc Buckley Carlisle 4763
Barbara McGimpsey Canonbie 5972

£5.00 Prizes

Brenda Greig Canonbie 22825
John Brown Scotby 2480
D&K Royston Carlisle 1445
Gerald Hext Carlisle 22639
Mrs J Smith Wigton 22531
Steve Pearson Carlisle 1011
G Graham Carlisle 22956
Joanne Graves Carlisle 2686
Tracey Tyson Carlisle 3167
John Ridley Scotby 22412


U0057 Not won Next weeks prize £1275