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Blues Lotto results 06/01/2017

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 7th January Mr Stringfellow Carlisle 495
Sunday 8th January Mr V Queen Whitehaven 23657
Monday 9th January Irean Allan Flimby 4148
Tuesday 10th January Mrs C Wyllie Eaglesfield 262
Wednesday 11th January F Graham Carlisle 22801
Thursday 12th January Mrs C Lamont Gretna 23596
Friday 13th January Gillian Crayston Egremont 22107

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs G Steele Burneside 23128
Yvonne Thompson Carlisle 5334
Tina Graham Carlisle 1442
Elsie Bowe Wigton 5007
Mrs K Klein Carlisle 1167

£5.00 Prizes

Mr S Tweddle Carlisle 2610
Valerie Graham Carlisle 2884
Marjorie Roe Carlisle 107
Mr M Siwakowsia Oxenholme 903
Mrs Smith Carlisle 3078
Mr G Ismay Wigton 23804
Kathleeen Cragg Appleby 113
Philip King Newcastle 23307
G Robley Carlisle 22082
Fred Story Carlisle 22280


L6117 Not won. Next weeks prize £1150