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Blues Lotto results 16/12/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 17th December Helen Holmes Brough 2207
Sunday 18th December D Mawson Carlisle 23562
Monday 19th December T Stewart Carlisle 22044
Tuesday 20th December Mrs D Bell Fletchertown 22972
Wednesday 21st December Richard Reid Lazonby 3335
Thursday 22nd December RE Lambert Bagshot 22786
Friday 23rd December Mrs T Gomes Carlisle 22296

£10.00 Prizes

Dennis Livingstone Carlisle 23501
Judith Graham Penrith 4208
Mr J Elliott Penrith 22509
Mr DJ Newlands Kilmarnock 378
Mr Durie Penrith 22996

£5.00 Prizes

Paul Wood Carlisle 5046
Mrs L Smith Dalston 641
William Rogerson Carlisle 4827
Mrs S Atkinson Wigton 72
John Bragg Wigton 22323
Mrs J Swinburn Great Salkeld 23748
Mrs D Burnside Annan 1994
Joanne Benson Carlisle 4196
Mr L Hodgson Carlisle 22669
Mr L Laidlow Appleby 23795


L2557 Not won. Next weeks prize £1075