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Blues Lotto results 09/12/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 10th December Mr D Tolson Carlisle 22640
Sunday 11th December T Wallace Penrith 3009
Monday 12th December Mr P Winskill Keswick 22111
Tuesday 13th December Susan Blackley Carlisle 2518
Wednesday 14th December Mr P Turton Penrith 22906
Thursday 15th December Miss Jenkinson Carlisle 598
Friday 16th December Miss G Wilkinson Whitehaven 1048

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs Little Carlisle 958
Mr A McSephney Carlisle 2001
Raymond Fisher Brough 3474
Mr R Stoodley Wiltshire 22823
Harold Bowron Carlisle 22211

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs J Atkinson Appleby 2490
Mr I Wadeson Heads Nook 22087
Mr KJ Johnston Carlisle 949
Steve Kilner Stoke on Trent 5138
Mrs E Moffat Eastriggs 23549
Catherine Bell Cockermouth 3547
Barbara McGimpsey Canonbie 5972
C Lavalle Carlisle 314
Mrs M Stockdale Abbeytown 22307
Pat Wood Carlisle 22278


O7632 Not won. Next weeks prize £1050