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Blues Lotto results 28/10/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 29th October Mr D Skinner Carlisle 3285
Sunday 30th October Trevor Coyle Carlisle 1634
Monday 31st October Mr CJ Carruthers Carlisle 3111
Tuesday 1st October Mr J Penfold Penrith 22166
Wednesday 2nd October Mr Blaikie Gretna 23061
Thursday 3rd October Mr M Goodfellow Brampton 23129
Friday 4th October Linda Thompson Carlisle 4191

£10.00 Prizes

Gillian Clubbs Irthington 2876
Ian Cannon Carlisle 1343
Mrs K Irwin Carlisle 4069
Emma Bell Carlisle 240
Colin Carruthers Wigton 1243

£5.00 Prizes

Joanne Wealleans Preston 22315
Mrs C Nixon Brampton 5489
David Tosh Carlisle 22152
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 5662
Peter Cole Linstock 2908
Mr AG Gordon Penrith 22893
Mr Durie Penrith 22996
Nicola Hewitt Carlisle 23782
Mrs C Turner Blennerhasset 23353
Mrs M Osbourne Carlisle 5719


I1445 Not won. Next weeks prize £900