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Blues Lotto results 07/10/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th October T Cairns Gretna 2981
Sunday 9th October Bobby Morton Wigton 4999
Monday 10th October Mrs M Stitt Annan 22381
Tuesday 11th October Colin Findlay Haltwhistle 23379
Wednesday 12th October Mrs H Gordon Carlisle 3501
Thursday 13th October Mr May Rockcliffe 4160
Friday 14th October Simon Bousfield Kirkby Stephen 244

£10.00 Prizes

David Blaylock Carlisle 5435
Neville McSephney Carlisle 22543
Alison Birkett Wigton 3912
Anne Blythe Wigton 1686
Mrs H Arnold Carlisle 5242

£5.00 Prizes

KA Thomson Carlisle 23943
Mark Gibson Carlisle 1569
Mr G Splinter Brampton 23186
Darryl Coleman Appleby 23794
Mrs B Eveleigh Penrith 22468
J Hodgson Brampton 5863
Mr A Steele Carlisle 22402
Mr PC Steven Carlisle 22439
Mr D Reilly Lochmaben 22616
Mr A Middleham Carlisle 23168


N8109 Not won. Next weeks prize £825