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Blues Lotto results 23/09/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 24th September Tony Richardson Carlisle 4534
Sunday 26th September EA Stokoe Carlisle 2851
Monday 27th September James & Karina Penrith 23473
Tuesday 28th September Mrs A Maughan Penrith 1791
Wednesday 29th September Mrs C Milligan Ecclefechan 2460
Thursday 30th September Mr I Gibson Penrith 22730
Friday 1st October Mr S Hodgson Heads Nook 49

£10.00 Prizes

Mike Corry Co Durham 22395
Ruth Warnock Carlisle 3248
K Gibson Ecclefechan 2573
Irene Brown Silloth 22042
Joseph Wattleworth Silloth 22507

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs C Razzetti Caldbeck 2516
Mrs E Corrigan Eaglesfield 23648
Mrs M Thompson Little Corby 2907
John Williamson Carlisle 16766
Margaret Brown Carlisle 4584
Ann Hirst Carlisle 4881
Mr C Kingston Carlisle 23769
Mr P Turton Penrith 22906
Mr K Sessford Carlisle 22105
Mrs Anderson Appleby 1831


U2191 Not Won. Next weeks prize £775