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Blues Lotto results 26/08/2016

£1000 Bonus Draw

Mr W Bryer Kirkby Thore 23511

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 27th August Mr R Lea Eamont Bridge 23345
Sunday 28th August John Kirkbride Carlisle 4206
Monday 29th August Mrs M Baty Frizington 456
Tuesday 30th August Mr S Wilson Alston 23519
Wednesday 31st August Mr W Little Carlisle 23857
Thursday 1st September J McNeish Carlisle 3175
Friday 2nd September Mrs P Beaton Kirkoswald 880

£10.00 Prizes

Iris Watson Carlisle 23520
Joanne Collins Carlisle 2764
Mr C Postlethwaite Kendal 2535
Ray Broomby Dalston 1841
Mrs C Wyllie Eaglesfield 262

£5.00 Prizes

Mr M Rankine Lochmaben 489
Mr G Studholme Wigton 22391
Miss L Baxter Carlisle 27
Mr J Irving Eaglesfield 23768
DJ Robertson Maryport 3266
Mr B Burrer Kirkpatrick Fleming 23733
Mrs A Wills Carlisle 4166
Mrs J Armstrong Gretna 469
Mr J Martos Wigton 23154
S Simpson Thursby 913


I1120 Not won. Next weeks prize £675