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Blues Lotto results 19/08/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 20th August Mrs S Simpson Carlisle 23644
Sunday 21st August Mr J Millward Ecclefechan 22481
Monday 22nd August Mrs M Winter Carlisle 22154
Tuesday 23rd August Paul Hewitt Carlisle 2326
Wednesday 24th August Andrew Mullen Carlisle 1878
Thursday 25th August Joyce Pollock Wreay 4825
Friday 26th August Mrs E Forrester Carlisle 1717

£10.00 Prizes

Amanda Caddy Essex 22608
Mr K Taylor Kirkby Thore 396
Mr D Rothery Whitehaven 23370
G Cecchi Cargo 4243
Mrs D Jeffels Carlisle 3206

£5.00 Prizes

Mr R Davidson Carlisle 23606
Jim Hobbs Carlisle 599
Dianne Murphy Abbeytown 1491
Mr J Lucock Carlisle 4124
Linda Thompson Carlisle 4191
John Nash Manchester 22491
Mr S Robertson Appleby 23697
Pam Farish Carlisle 2750
Mrs A Lattimer Brampton 22010
Mr Sweeeny Carlisle 3004


M8167 Not won. Next weeks prize £650