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Blues Lotto results 08/07/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 9th July Mr J Rumney Carlisle 22892
Sunday 10th July Stephen Fraser Carlisle 1176
Monday 11th July Marion Gross Wigton 3947
Tuesday 12th July Bob Banks Carlisle 4037
Wednesday 13th July Frank Gribbon Carlisle 22331
Thursday 14th July Cliff Walker Gretna 23920
Friday 15th July F Howe Carlisle 1586

£10.00 Prizes

Miss A Lightburn Gretna 23393
Olive McKinnel Gretna Green 2127
Miss K Wilson Carlisle 22848
Mrs O Jamieson Gretna 22138
Sheila Cain Brampton 3377

£5.00 Prizes

Bill Bulman Dalston 22498
Mr N Jack Carlisle 5368
Gary Parker Gretna 2306
Colin Carruthers Wigton 1243
Derek Mccreadie Carlisle 3983
DJ Robertson Maryport 3266
Muriel Kemp Tarraby 2193
Steve Pearson Carlisle 1011
Mrs O White Carlisle 298
John Mavis Thursby 22361


P5269 Not won. next weeks prize £500