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Blues Lotto results 13/05/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 14th May Mrs S Carter Carlisle 4784
Sunday 15th May Judith Moor Carlisle 3324
Monday 16th May Kenneth Murchison Longtown 1142
Tuesday 17th May Peter Hines Carlisle 10
Wednesday 18th May Mrs W Butler Carlisle 4281
Thursday 19th May Mrs M Irwin Carlisle 4162
Friday 20th May Mr S Metcalfe Appleby 22430

£10.00 Prizes

Mr B Pattinson Wigton 23956
Katrina Evans Carlisle 3773
Steve O'Donohoe Carlisle 22088
Miss B Grisedale Eamont Bridge 23754
Mrs C Bell Carlisle 23334

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs E Pearson Longtown 425
Shirley Wield Carlisle 2836
Ms A Bousefield Brampton 5804
Christopher Rivett Eaglesfield 22188
Mrs E Pearson Longtown 425
Mrs K Walmsley Low Hesket 3222
John Kendall Lincolnshire 22345
Kenneth Martin Penrith 22135
Susan Rudd Wigton 920
Mrs M Miller Keswick 22826


I7938 Not Won. Next weeks prize £350