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Blues Lotto results 19/02/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 20th February John Thompson Penrith 4727
Sunday 21st February Tom Brown Silloth 485
Monday 22nd February Joan Huntington Scotby 2637
Tuesday 23rd February Mr S Armstrong Carlisle 22733
Wednesday 24th February D Hodgson Rockcliffe 4666
Thursday 25th February Mr A Gregor Annan 566
Friday 26th February Miss D Patterson Annan 1877

£10.00 Prizes

JM Long Scotby 2579
David Laidlow Appleby 386
Mr J Osbourne Carlisle 22821
Michael Scott Gretna 124
Mrs S Mingins Carlisle 22847

£5.00 Prizes

Michael Shepherd Darlington 22800
Mrs A Threlkeld Wigton 22826
Mrs Hind Carlisle 861
Mrs Irving Carlisle 4803
Mr J Rudd Penrith 23171
Christine Crosland Carlisle 521
Helen Moore Carlisle 2741
Mrs E Banks Waverton 1111
TD Merrie Langwathby 3818
Malcolm Tiffin Carlisle 5256


S4728 Not won. Next weeks prize £2050