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Blues Lotto results 12/02/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 13th February Andy Park Carlisle 23845
Sunday 14th February D McMillan Brampton 5545
Monday 15th February Angela Brown Carlisle 680
Tuesday 16th February John L Davis Penrith 4072
Wednesday 17th February Mrs Milgate Carlisle 5065
Thursday 18th February Angus McLeod Aspatria 3732
Friday 19th February M Benson Carlisle 3503

£10.00 Prizes

Mr H Hamilton Carlisle 404
Andrew Clark Carlisle 5265
Eric Rothery Worcester 22808
Clare Baxter Wigton 3309
Mr J Shankland Carlisle 23330

£5.00 Prizes

RE Lambert Surrey 22786
Mr A Dalgleish Carlisle 22459
Richard Casson Carlisle 346
Mrs M Pearson Carlisle 4931
David Kellett Carlisle 109
Mr R Glover Carlisle 22091
Mr J Threlkeld Penrith 22778
Ian Frankish Carlisle 22463
Ian Pooley Carlisle 22499
Mr E Irving Carlisle 22028


T7707 Not won. Next weeks prize £2025