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Blues Lotto results 29/01/2016

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 30th January Mrs K Walmsley Low Hesket 3222
Sunday 31st January Mr B Maycock Wigton 22300
Monday 1st February Mr A Leek Lazonby 2797
Tuesday 2nd February Mr D Robbins Carlisle 5135
Wednesday 3rd February Mr C Dixon Corby Hill 287
Thursday 4th February Julie Bailey Carlisle 2658
Friday 5th February Mrs N Phillips Keswick 23369

£10.00 Prizes

Malcolm Clark Wigton 2369
Mr C Moore Carlisle 23246
John Bass Penrith 4024
Ronald Crone Carlisle 1077
Mr J Lucock Carlisle 4124

£5.00 Prizes

Linda Taylor Carlisle 3846
Mrs G McMorren Lockerbie 1311
Mrs C Kerr Carlisle 971
Mrs M Carruthers 22380
Stewart Low Dalston 22833
Irene Royston Carlisle 4420
Dawn Pollock Wreay 155
Dennis English Carlisle 224
Mrs S A Hartigan Penrith 4190
Mrs Young Carlisle 1


T1163 Not won. Next weeks prize £1975