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Blues Lotto results 18/12/2015

£1,000 Bonus draw

Mr R Glover Carlisle 22091

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 19th December Mr Pearson Carlisle 22467
Sunday 20th December Mr Hesselwood Fletchertown 829
Monday 21st December Mrs M Pearson Carlisle 4931
Tuesday 22nd December Michelle Walker Carlisle 2401
Wednesday 23rd December Mrs A Ward Longtown 393
Thursday 24th December Mr M Norris Carlisle 22583
Friday 25th December Les Pratt Brampton 5499

£10.00 Prizes

M Robson Harelaw 1260
Karola Power Carlisle 3641
Harry Bennett Gretna 4593
Tomasz Przybylski Carlisle 2955
Mr R Barber Carlisle 23377

£5.00 Prizes

Jill Williamson Abbeytown 1627
Mr A Lee Carlisle 23264
Mr S Hetherington Brampton 747
Mr E Parker Carlisle 23177
Brian Rigg Carlisle 694
Richard Casson Carlisle 22913
Mr R Rome Carlisle 23886
Alex McGeorge Carlisle 22032
Mrs M Carruthers Calthwaite 22380
Sandra Armstrong Carlisle 5783


V2864 Not won. Next weeks prize £1825