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Blues Lotto results 11/12/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 12th December David Beattie Gretna 22510
Sunday 13th December Ian Holmes Carlisle 22030
Monday 14th December Pat Steadman Brough 5625
Tuesday 15th December Donna Walton Gretna 266
Wednesday 16th December Louise Fawcett Carlisle 1503
Thursday 17th December D Hodgson Carlisle 1160
Friday 18th December Miss A Drever Carlisle 23757

£10.00 Prizes

Arthur Hodgkison Brampton 23132
Margaret Hickman Wigton 4990
Angela Foster Langholm 1698
Steve Palmer Hexham 5
J Hutchison Abbeytown 4611

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs P Fawcett Whitehaven 835
DJ Fordy Rockcliffe 3896
Robert Waite Harker 22057
J Fisher Carlisle 382
Mary Heugh Carlisle 784
Mrs J Watson Wigton 22840
Scott Beattie Carlisle 1329
Roy Hyslop Carlisle 1241
Mrs Wilson Denton Holme 621
Mrs J Hodgson Carlisle 1245


O1490 Not won. Next Weeks Prize £1800