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Blues Lotto results 04/12/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 5th December Frank Beattie Carlisle 23117
Sunday 6th December Doris Henderson Brough 295
Monday 7th December Mr G Tyler Carlisle 23633
Tuesday 8th December E Gowling Carlisle 3764
Wednesday 9th December Sandra Brough Carlisle 1637
Thursday 10th December Mr C Sisson Kirkby Thore 23536
Friday 11th December Kevin McGuirk Workington 3993

£10.00 Prizes

Michael Johnston Carlisle 1402
Mrs J Percival Carlisle 23011
Ryan Dollard Brampton 22262
Geoff Jackson Carlisle 23004
S Graves Carlisle 1453

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs M Copland Carlisle 23942
Scott Pilley Carlisle 4870
Mrs J Sim Whitehaven 537
Alan Shaw Carlisle 1196
Pat Notman Great Orton 670
David Anderson Shap 4604
T Heenan Carlisle 5210
Emma Salt Carlisle 22870
Mrs M Garrity Whitehaven 2689
Mrs M Fisher Fletchertown 22215


O1863 Not won. Next weeks prize £1775