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Blues Lotto results 28/08/2015

£1,000.00 Bonus Draw

Mrs G West Carlisle 23950

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 29th August Thompsons Garage Penrith 4723
Sunday 30th August Geoff Brown Carlisle 1630
Monday 31st August Robert Waite Harker 22057
Tuesday 1st September Mrs A Stephenson Carlisle 23568
Wednesday 2nd September Mrs M McKeating Brampton 23632
Thursday 3rd September Edith Walker Wigton 5008
Friday 4th September Mr L Thomson Carlisle 22104

£10.00 Prizes

R Richardson Thursby 2815
Pauline Hewitt Carlisle 5095
Robert Waite Harker 22057
Miss K Wilson Carlisle 22848
Zenobia Erasmus Langwathby 23666

£5.00 Prizes

Mr M Simpson Carlisle 5345
Margaret Hickman Wigton 4990
Carol Phinn Carlisle 1942
Mrs B Nightingale Whitehaven 2673
Mr W Pattinson Maryport 22771
Mrs P Underwood Carlisle 2525
Keith Norman Cockermouth 5841
T Michaelek Carlisle 2496
Mr Y Oliver Brampton 5490
Valerie Graham Carlisle 2884


V6640 Not Won Next weeks prize £1425