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Blues Lotto results 10/07/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 11th July Monica Anne Welsh Kirkby Thore 2204
Sunday 12th July Mrs S Knudsen Longtown 542
Monday 13th July Brenda Greig Carlisle 22825
Tuesday 14th July Mrs A Wilson Brampton 23529
Wednesday 15th July Miss G Wilkinson Whitehaven 1048
Thursday 16th July Mr Clare Rickerby 2164
Friday 17th July AM Kerr Annan 1837

£10.00 Prizes

Stuart Burgess Carlisle 22210
Mrs D Hindmarch Appleby 1512
Paul Graves Carlisle 22584
Miss G Wilkinson Whitehaven 1048
Joyce Teasdale Scotby 4152

£5.00 Prizes

Rita Maughan Appleby 731
Mrs S Archibald Carlisle 23318
Matthew Reid Carlisle 1573
Mrs P Hazelwood Aspatria 23441
Raymond Tiffen Wigton 3920
Mrs S Ambler Brampton 1746
Clare Baxter Wigan 3309
Mrs T Hodson Lockerbie 1309
P Watson Carlisle 2538
Carol Fairbairn Carlisle 2375


T7404 Not won. Next weeks prize £1250