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Blues Lotto results 05/06/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 6th June Chris Campbell Appleby 1130
Sunday 7th June Ian Holmes Carlisle 22020
Monday 8th June Gary Smith Brough 3466
Tuesday 9th June Sheila Dalzell Threlkeld 22776
Wednesday 10th June Mr D Wallace Wigton 1689
Thursday 11th June Mr J Richardson Carlisle 23488
Friday 12th June Mr J Gavican Carlisle 23466

£10.00 Prizes

Raymond Nichol Durdar 22599
Richard Anderson Maryport 3259
Allan Egglestone Carlisle 22124
Mr D Crosby Norwich 22589
Mrs Easterbrook Carlisle 676

£5.00 Prizes

Geoff Brown Liverpool 1630
Mr D Barker Langholm 23681
Linda Atkinson Appleby 722
Mr I Currie Annan 1923
T Heenan Carlisle 5210
James Peet Winskill 22148
Mrs J Sowerby Kirkby Stephen 790
William Wilson Carlisle 23819
Mrs I Dunn Carlisle 1714
Mrs D Fryer Carlisle 23631


I9136 Not won. Next weeks prize £1125