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Blues Lotto results 29/05/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 30th May Mrs SA Hartigan Penrith 4190
Sunday 31st May Mr A Rutherford Frizington 23418
Monday 1st June Anne Carruthers Carlisle 22068
Tuesday 2nd June Mr R Nelson Whitehaven 1030
Wednesday 3rd June Denise Boyle Carlisle 23745
Thursday 4th June Ian Holmes Carlisle 22030
Friday 5th June Mr Rayson Carlisle 22353

£10.00 Prizes

Mr J Johnstone Annan 1973
Mrs J Plummer Kirkby Stephen 23190
Mrs M McComb Longtown 1784
Lynn Hall Maryport 23957
Hazel Cartner Little Corby 2957

£5.00 Prizes

Richard Clydesdale Suffolk 80
Christine Peet Winskill 2213
Mr I Davidson Corby Hill 23525
Mrs D Neale Carlisle 433
Michael Barnes Scotby 22125
Mrs Irwin Carlisle 4069
Mrs A Beal Carlisle 5874
P Ferguson Silloth 1804
Mrs M Winter Blennerhasset 23172
Jean Story Carlisle 1135


U6323 Not won. Next weeks prize £1100