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Blues Lotto results 22/05/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 23rd May John Comrie Carlisle 217
Sunday 24th May Shirley Burnett Aberdeenshire 22251
Monday 25th May Mr C Charters Aspatria 1295
Tuesday 26th May DM Nichol Silloth 1601
Wednesday 27th May Mr Farrell Carlisle 2804
Thursday 28th May Miss M Barker Carlisle 22306
Friday 29th May Mr G Richardson Carlisle 1420

£10.00 Prizes

DJ Fordy Rockcliffe 3896
Mr I Grant Carlisle 23760
Mrs M Kidd Carlisle 23971
Ruby Pigott Norfolk 1917
Miss ASR Napier Carlisle 23480

£5.00 Prizes

Barry Wilson Carlisle 23245
Mrs F Carruthers Ecclefechan 1530
Jacqueline Turley Carlisle 2049
Robert Lindsay Carlisle 70
Mr J Ellwood Kendal 2664
Mrs C Foley Carlisle 3201
Mrs B Ratcliffe Brampton 5806
George Pape Carlisle 5701
Mrs A Irving Gretna 1079
Mr P Potter Allonby 23718


V9881 Not Won . Next weeks prize £1075