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Blues Lotto results 15/05/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 16th May Roy Hartley Carlisle 2606
Sunday 17th May Mr J Graham Carlisle 23381
Monday 18th May Pamela Farish Carlisle 22266
Tuesday 19th May Enid Chappelhow Appleby 1133
Wedneday 20th May Mr L Hodgson Carlisle 22669
Thursday 21st May Nicola Hewitt Carlisle 23782
Friday 22nd May Mr A McKeen Brampton 5522

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs D Fryer Carlisle 23631
KC Wilford Appleby 4370
Mrs H Little Carlisle 23581
Mrs K Martin Longtown 2766
Arthur Muirhead Gretna 2994

£5.00 Prizes

JM Long Scotby 2579
Sheila Dalzell Keswick 22776
Gail Crawshaw Brough 711
John Hodge North Shields 22503
Mr S Elgey Carlisle 22540
John Welton Brampton 5516
Ian Pooley Carlisle 22499
Christine Douglas Carlisle 4539
Mr P Juzyk Carlisle 1625
Mr D Mann Carlisle 2924


N1947 Not won. Next weeks prize £1050