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Blues Lotto results 08/05/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 9th May Pamela Farish Carlisle 22266
Sunday 10th May Mrs J Dixon Carlisle 23057
Monday 11th May Mrs S Nixon Gretna 313
Tuesday 12th May Mrs R Field Whitehaven 975
Wednesday 13th May D B Johnstone Carlisle 22536
Thursday 14th May George Western Penrith 4179
Friday 15th May Spencer Slater Carlisle 22450

£10.00 Prizes

Dennis Livingstone Carlisle 23501
Mrs D Wright Brampton 1001
Mrs S Hilton Carlisle 874
Mr K Fisher Arlecdon 23905
Deborah Dickinson Carlisle 269

£5.00 Prizes

Lisa Key-Johnstone Eaglesfield 2590
Mr A Robinson Thursby 1583
Mr Moscrop Carlisle 4324
Hannah Atkinson Carlisle 4834
Mrs E Eggleston Long Marton 23576
Mark Sinclair Carlisle 1025
Richard Stainforth Carlisle 4595
Mrs D Maughan Great Asby 462
Robert Thompson Carlisle 3687
Neil Dunlevy Carlisle 1205


U4711 Not won. Next weeks prize £1025