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Blues Lotto results 17/04/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 18th April Robert Pearson Carlisle 22424
Sunday 19th April Brian Tibbetts Carlisle 2356
Monday 20th April Mr B Murray Hayton 23709
Tuesday 21st April Mrs J Kenyon Abbeytown 22959
Wednesday 22nd April Maureen Clarke Corby Hill 4051
Thursday 23rd April Mrs J Dickson Carlisle 4942
Friday 24th April D B Johnstone Carlisle 22536

£10.00 Prizes

Shirley Burnett Aberdeenshire 22251
Barry McNeill Penrith 4722
Mr B Cowen Carlisle 912
Mrs A Bowman Cumwhinton 23500
Mr M Marshall Carlisle 779

£5.00 Prizes

Beryl McCamish Carlisle 3488
Mr E MacFadzean Caldbeck 23781
Mrs L Bembridge Carlisle 22698
Christine Beattie Gretna 565
John Jackson Wigton 904
Maureen Robinson Carlisle 1540
Richard Casson Carlisle 342
Young Carlisle 1
Paul Raistrick Low Row 22879
Frank Burton Penrith 4017


U1173 Not Won. Next week £950