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Blues Lotto results 03/04/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 4th April Mrs E Huddart High Harrington 99
Sunday 5th April Mrs E Hastewell Prospect 23583
Monday 6th April Heather Glendinning Gretna 1290
Tuesday 7th April Mr J Young Carlisle 16614
Wednesday 8th April Alex McGeorge Carlisle 22032
Thursday 9th April Mr S Johnston Carlisle 23208
Friday 10th April W Fearon Silloth 1612

£10.00 Prizes

Mr S Tweddle Carlisle 2610
Tina Graham Carlisle 1442
Dr K Walker Tonbridge 22374
Jan Dobson Wigton 849
Bill Carruthers Carlisle 2747

£5.00 Prizes

Mr M Bell Carlisle 23627
A Ditchburn Maryport 3386
E Pearson Longtown 808
Ruby Anderson Ecclefechan 506
Mr T Atkinson Burnrigg 22227
Ms J Orr Carlisle 5402
Frank Armstrong Maryport 3389
Aaron Elliott Carlisle 22522
J Hodgson Brampton 5864
Mr D Fitzsimmonds Shap 2659


H4471 Not won. Next weeks prize £900