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Blues Lotto results 27/02/2015

£1,000 Bonus Draw

Dawn Henderson Brough 2205

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 28th February Mrs M Benson Carlisle 1928
Sunday 1st March Mr P Lee Carlisle 5196
Monday 2nd March Paul Graham Wigton 4989
Tuesday 3rd March BS Henderson Wigton 3906
Wednesday 4th March Jean Clark Workington 23800
Thursday 5th March Terence Scarborough Dalston 22021
Friday 6th March A Thompson Scaleby 3968

£10.00 Prizes

Betty Smith Flimby 3127
Mr M Gasgarth Appleby 4391
Stuart Burgess Carlisle 22210
Harold Bowron Carlisle 106
Miss M Barker Carlisle 22306

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs E Goodchild Brampton 2334
M Quigley Cockermouth 3484
Alan Riddick Carlisle 1052
Mr M Davidson Long Marton 23407
Steve Pearson Carlisle 1011
Dave Middleton Carlisle 998
Mrs Woodhouse Whitehaven 2710
Mr J Lloyd Silloth 22827
Mr Wardle Carlisle 1055
Paul Cartmell Maryport 3314


M2244 Not won. Next weeks prize £775