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Blues Lotto results 02/01/2015

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 3rd January Geoffrey Blaylock Carlisle 619
Sunday 4th January Mr J Buck Carlisle 1207
Monday 5th January Joyce Barnett Carlisle 22035
Tuesday 6th January Mr G Graham Carlisle 22297
Wednesday 7th January J Wright Brampton 2274
Thursday 8th January Wayne Currie Carlisle 3304
Friday 9th January Gordon Smith Gretna 22745

£10.00 Prizes

Jean Hodgson Carlisle 4742
Mr Blaylock Silloth 260
Mr G Richardson Carlisle 1420
Matthew Galloway Carlisle 256
Mrs J Ridley Corby Hill 5413

£5.00 Prizes

Bruce Vander Surrey 22414
Mr D McKenzie Longtown 23975
F Howe Carlisle 1586
Mrs A Bright Carlisle 23233
Bernadette Oglanby Aspatria 22396
Mr Blaylock Wetheral 291
Mrs E McLaughlin Rowrah 23952
Mr D Crosbie Gretna 23775
Steve O’Donohoe Carlisle 2301
Mrs S Graham Longtown 364


U1768 Not won. Next weeks prize £575