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Blues Lotto results 26/09/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 27th September Mrs K Thomlinson Carlisle 4731
Sunday 28th September Mr K Lockhart Carlisle 23069
Monday 29th September K Hickson Carlisle 5112
Tuesday 30th September David McMillan Carlisle 2132
Wednesday 1st October Mr J Smith Carlisle 1552
Thursday 2nd October Mr B Harrison Penrith 22971
Friday 3rd October G McKendrick Ecclefechan 2581

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs H Carruthers Annan 2186
Mr I Bowes Brampton 22199
Andrew D Hodgson Carlisle 1454
Mr D Mason Carlisle 22314
Lee Dixon Carlisle 1474

£5.00 Prizes

Barry Johnstone Wigton 1538
Gordon Lightfoot Carlisle 2447
Mr J Humes Carlisle 22157
Richard Shipley Oxfordshire 22520
Louise Collin Carlisle 65
John Waugh Carlisle 1522
Joyce Balmer Appleby 4488
G&C Howe Carlisle 2920
Andrew Farish Carlisle 3363
Mr G Taylor Appleby 3126


O4706 Not won. Next weeks prize £1450