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Blues Lotto results 14/11/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 15th November Carol Sinclair Cummersdale 2901
Sunday 16th November Mrs B Moran Carlisle 642
Monday 17th November William Brown Carlisle 4572
Tuesday 18th November Miss M Boothman Carlisle 16617
Wednesday 19th November Dean Proud Ainstable 22418
Thursday 20th November Mrs A Moffat Whitehaven 2718
Friday 21st November Mr A Newton Carlisle 22629

£10.00 Prizes

Miss N Yates Carlisle 1711
Mrs V Langan Carlisle 22273
Ann Dotchin Brampton 22433
Mrs C Sinclair Cummersdale 23724
Lorraine Graham Carlisle 1118

£5.00 Prizes

Andy Park Scotby 23845
Mrs Crozier Fletchertown 23391
Malcolm McNicols Kirkby Stephen 1354
John Thompson Penrith 4727
Mrs A Blair Carlisle 22059
Margaret Miller Gretna 2970
Mr R Dear Talkin 22565
Mr R Borrowdale Shap 23169
Allan Bainbridge Brough 2170
Mr A Birks Carlisle 5677


O0660 Not won. Next weeks Prize £375