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Blues Lotto results 09/05/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 10th May Kerry Hickson Carlisle 3879
Sunday 11th May Mr M Nugent Carlisle 23262
Monday 12th May Diane Lapping Wigton 5015
Tuesday 13th May Mr A Cablis Carlisle 2437
Wednesday 14th May Miss L Hodgson Carlisle 23818
Thursday 15th May Alison Musgrave Carlisle 22128
Friday 16th May Mr B Hetherington Carlisle 4567

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs E Bryant Scotby 1915
Mr G Graham Carlisle 22297
Mr D Hackett Whitehaven 3059
Jane Rutherford Irthington 2877
Brian Nixon Penrith 577

£5.00 Prizes

Mr L Swan Houghton 23508
Mr D S Atkinson Seascale 1437
Rhoswen Muse Longtown 804
Miss DA Dodd Penrith 4824
Miss L Atkinson Carlisle 1744
J Frame Penrith 4048
Annie Barlow 1444
Mr P Richards Carlisle 5026
Mrs J Taylor Carlisle 3115
Kerry Whitehead Kirkby Thore 497


M9675 Not won. Next Weeks prize £950