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Blues Lotto results 02/05/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 3rd May Mrs P Hazelwood Aspatria 23441
Sunday 4th May Mandy Snell Carlisle 16582
Monday 5th May W D Cornwall Cockermouth 4591
Tuesday 6th May Catherine Griffiths Carlisle 22325
Wednesday 7th May Mrs J Maxfield Carlisle 23538
Thursday 8th May Pat Surgeon Carlisle 22310
Friday 9th May Carol Sinclair Cummerdale 2901

£10.00 Prizes

Joseph Lloyd Wigton 1074
Mrs Rudd Wigton 5011
Margaret McDonald Burneside 22114
Mrs I Hogg Appleby 5493
Adrian Johnston Portsmouth 22445

£5.00 Prizes

JW Hampson Gretna 3000
Mrs M Skelton Gretna 3771
John Beattie Carlisle 3902
Brian Hall Carlisle 5313
Elizabeth Park Gretna 2987
BT Bell Carlisle 22238
Mr M Armstrong Longtown 23336
Mr D White Gilcrux 22393
Mr R Danzey Carlisle 1944
Sharron Fraser Carlisle 4218


X6617 Not won Next weeks prize £950