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Blues Lotto results 28/03/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 29th March John Graham Carlisle 111
Sunday 30th March Mrs S Downs Carlisle 22089
Monday 31st March Mr J Gow Carlisle 400
Tuesday 1st April Miss N Robinson Carlisle 23653
Wednesday 2nd April Paul Kirkbride Penrith 4173
Thursday 3rd April Mr N Bailer Carlisle 23635
Friday 4th April Jean Story Carlisle 1135

£10.00 Prizes

Paul Johnstone Carlisle 4777
Mrs G Crake Aspatria 309
Irene Bingley Cumwhinton 22812
Richard Wood Middlesex 650
Mr J Shankland Carlisle 23330

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs SJ Bowman Kirkbride 1059
Mr N McCamon Carlisle 22840
Mr D Thompson Carlisle 22707
Mrs M Roberts Whitehaven 2194
Mrs A Ward Longtown 393
Mrs Milnes Carlisle 2124
Jeremy Paveley Brydekirk 2218
Mr C Boyd Gretna 303
Mr G Tyson Silloth 3337
Mrs C Fussell Whitehaven 2561


I2674 Not Won. Next weeks prize £825