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Blues Lotto results 25/07/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 26th July Margery Schwenke Carlisle 3149
Sunday 27th July Gail Davidson Carlisle 3094
Monday 28th July Nigel Booth Carlisle 23008
Tuesday 29th July Mrs M Johnston Carlisle 3673
Wednesday 30th July Mrs J Todd Carlisle 23219
Thursday 31st July Mr S Dalton Carlisle 23468
Friday 1st August John Parkinson Carlisle 3623

£10.00 Prizes

David Coulthard Nottingham 22359
Ruby Pigott Norfolk 1917
Mrs D Winder Kirkby Stephen 23824
Mrs P Underwood Carlisle 2525
Mr G Plant Shap 2644

£5.00 Prizes

Mr G Powley Carlisle 23295
Mrs C Harding Carlisle 5668
Mr G Tickell Carlisle 5639
Mr C Graham Langholm 22907
Syd Parker Carlisle 480
Mr R Benson Carlisle 23484
G McKendrick Ecclefechan 2581
Joyce Pollock Wreay 4825
Mr M Oswald Keswick 1457
Mrs M Shawcroft Brough 23339


O1163 Not won. Next weeks prize £1225