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Blues Lotto results 24/01/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 25th January Mrs V Langan Carlisle 22273
Sunday 26th January Margaret Miller Gretna 2970
Monday 27th January K Blair Carlisle 22246
Tuesday 28th January J Witherington Carlisle 2430
Wednesday 29th January Chris McClelland Carlisle 22654
Thursday 30th January Mr G Cannon (snr) Carlisle 23167
Friday 31st January Adele Tyers Carlisle 4926

£10.00 Prizes

Mr M Oswald Keswick 1456
Mrs B Harding Carlisle 22099
Mr P Wilson Whitehaven 563
Mr L Titterington Hackthorpe 23257
Mrs F Mitchell Anthorn 2631

£5.00 Prizes

Mr C Jardine Carlisle 23563
Mrs Milburn Carlisle 5115
Christine Liddell Rockcliffe 3905
Mr D Dixon Haltwhistle 566
Mr P Broadley Anthorn 23685
Jemma Adams Carlisle 4453
Peter Moses Carlisle 22527
Mr K Graham Carlisle 2083
Barry McWilliam Gretna 3006
Mrs I Dixon Whitehaven 2695


P2999 Not won. Next weeks prize £600