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Blues Lotto results 17/01/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 18th January Mr T Fullarton Carlisle 103
Sunday 19th January Mr J Harrison Carlisle 4664
Monday 20th January Mr C Coulthard Carlisle 4165
Tuesday 21st January Elaine Roberts Carlisle 2322
Wednesday 22nd January Mrs K Thomlinson Carlisle 229
Thursday 23rd January Mr L Swan Houghton 23508
Friday 24th January Mrs A Grant Carlisle 22179

£10.00 Prizes

James & Karina Penrith 23473
Mrs A Halley Carlisle 23046
Joanne Merrie Langwathby 22017
Anne Bews Carlisle 3008
Mrs L Bembridge Carlisle 22698

£5.00 Prizes

Alan Irwin Carlisle 22025
Gordon Holmes Carlisle 174
P Moran Carlisle 2837
Stephen Bell Brampton 5949
Mr N Lister Carlisle 1854
Mrs S Hartigan Penrith 4190
Mrs I Mavis Thursby 1615
W Frizzel Carlisle 1340
Betty Park Gretna 1257
Mr H Armstrong Carlisle 22834


P1164 Not won. Next weeks prize £575