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Blues Lotto results 07/02/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 8th February Karen Lucock Carlisle 22038
Sunday 9th February Alistair Elliott Carlisle 22355
Monday 10th February Duncan Kirkpatrick Carlisle 1184
Tuesday 11th February Mrs J Miller Carlisle 230
Wednesday 12th February Chris Wishart Carlisle 23524
Thursday 13th February Brenda McKenna Maryport 3384
Friday 14th February Steve Pearson Carlisle 1011

£10.00 Prizes

Joan McKeown Houghton 2798
James Winter Longtown 23305
John Little Wigton 22757
SP Dance Carlisle 2457
Chris Hoban Carlisle 1169

£5.00 Prizes

Kath Jones Carlisle 636
Brenda Kemp Houghton 2842
John Beattie Carlisle 2842
Ian Wilson Wigton 1064
Mr R Spark Abbeytown 22243
Paul Graham Wigton 4989
H Greenup Wigton 5010
Angela Jeffries Carlisle 3714
Mrs B Peel Whitehaven 2211
Mr M Gasgarth Appleby 4390


T4447 Not won. Next weeks prize £625