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Blues Lotto results 05/12/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 6th December Mr D Thompson Carlisle 22707
Sunday 7th December Mrs L Vevers Gretna 1882
Monday 8th December Mr S Bailey Carlisle 22994
Tuesday 9th December Maureen Rivett Eaglesfield 22187
Wednesday 10th December Bruce Chalmers Carlisle 22106
Thursday 11th December Ms J Orr Carlisle 5402
Friday 12th December Dennis Ridley Penrith 1980

£10.00 Prizes

Mrs J Jack Carlisle 22136
Miss P Dixon Penrith 22704
Mrs M Johnstone Silloth 1805
Claude Jones Carlisle 22492
Mr T Henington Brough 23425

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs M Dawes Carlisle 23986
Mrs L Steele Frizington 22245
Miss G Richards Penrith 22713
Sarah Landreth Carlisle 22519
Les Curry Carlisle 932
Mrs K Arnison Appleby 1796
K Taylor Whitehaven 3077
Dennis Delaney Gretna 23875
Craig Williamson Houghton 1382
Mr T Liddle Greystoke 23385


Q7088 Not won. Next weeks prize £450