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Blues Lotto results 22/08/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 23rd August Marjorie Haughan Carlisle 4482
Sunday 24th August Katrina Evans Carlisle 3773
Monday 25th August Carlisle United Supporters Club London Branch 2497
Tuesday 26th August PS Ferguson Silloth 1624
Wednesday 27th August John Notman Carlisle 22476
Thursday 28th August Anthony Campbell Carlisle 4336
Friday 29th August Mr P Izon Brampton 22165

£10.00 Prizes

Margaret Dalglish Gretna 23926
Mrs F Read Carlisle 22493
Mr G Graham Carlisle 22297
Babs Owens Carlisle 2030
Mrs M Atkinson Carlisle 1819

£5.00 Prizes

Mrs D Hilton Maryport 3637
Mr I Lambert Carlisle 5720
Mark Eilbeck Carlisle 22684
Mrs Zavaroni Carlisle 498
Mrs Winder Carlisle 5226
Mr H Bardsley Kirkpatrick Fleming 1839
David Mallinson Carlisle 5453
John Comrie Carlisle 217
Mrs M Johnstone Carlisle 2560
Dave Harker Kirkby Stephen 905


N4113 Not Won. Next weeks prize £1325