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Blues Lotto results 08/08/2014

£100.00 Prizes

Saturday 9th August S Benson Wigton 5022
Sunday 10th August Stephen Carr Carlisle 22775
Monday 11th August Mrs J Dixon Carlisle 23057
Tuesday 12th August Mr F Henderson Carlisle 5466
Wednesday 13th August David Coulthard Carlisle 22359
Thursday 14th August Mrs J Dixon Carlisle 23057
Friday 15th August David Peggs Maryport 22651

£10.00 Prizes

Sandra Colville Carlisle 5080
Martin Carr Carlisle 1276
John Rae Carlisle 22551
Mr Pape Haltwhistle 755
Phillip Hodgson Carlisle 2812

£5.00 Prizes

Raymond Tinnion Hayton 1251
Mrs T Little Houghton 23446
Raymond Tiffin Wigton 3920
R Aitken Cummersdale 1351
Mrs A Beck Carlisle 2398
R Allison Cummersdale 1394
Mr I Hogg Appleby 5465
Mrs L Vevers Gretna 1882
Lee Tedford Carlisle 23619
C Alderson Appleby 4779


U3235 Not won. Next weeks prize £1275